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 The CHARPEX Stamp Show 2021

The CHARPEX Stamp Show was held at Central Piedmont Community College (Worrell Building) on July 24-25, 2021 in Charlotte, North Carolina. CHARPEX featured 20 stamp dealers 55 frames of competitive exhibits.

After surveying the NC ESPER membership, it was decided that we would not participate as an organization due to unease about Covid-19 infections which are on the rise In Charlotte and in North Carolina as a whole.  This meant that we would not have our usual luncheon meeting and display. As individuals, we would go and show support CHARPEX based on own comfort levels. Only four NC ESPER members attended on Saturday-Wilhelmina Bell, Vivian Roscoe, Mary Love, and Beatrice Cox (myself)- in comparison to approximately 15 to 20 members in past years.

It was great seeing our favorite vendors, and Felix-Perez Folcher, who manned a display booth for the American Topical Association (ATA). The local post office was there as well, selling stamps and cachets. I purchased  the New York Yankee legendary baseball player, Yogi Berra, Forever Stamp issued by the US Postal Service on June 24, 2021 during a ceremony at the Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center in Little Falls, New Jersey.

I was surprised and saddened to learn of the death of Gene Zhiss, President the Charlotte Philatelic Society who passed away in April 2021. He was always so jovial, generous, and accommodating; always providing space for our luncheon and checking to see if we needed anything. Rest in Peace, Gene !!

When asked to comment on the show, Wilhelmina said “This was the first local stamp show I attended since the pandemic, and I enjoyed talking to the vendors. She also added that she was “ disappointed! I did not find any Vice President Kamala Harris FDC’s to add to my collections.”

Mary Love stated that “CHARPEX 2021 was a great opportunity for stampers to get back in the groove. I really missed our ESPER gathering at this meeting with the presentations and fellowship.”

CHARPEX is always a great experience and I hope that next year, 2022, we can convene in person and return to having a full array of activities.

By Beatrice Cox

ESPER Members Attending CHARPEX 

Charlotte stamp show 2021 5.jpg

Felix Luis Perez-Folch Jr, Chris Lazaroff, Mary Love, Wilhelmina Bell, Vivian Roscoe and Beatrice Cox

Charlotte stamp show 2021 4.jpg

Vivian Roscoe, Wilhelmina Bell, Mary Love and Beatrice Cox

Charlotte stamp show 2021 2.jpg

Felix Luis Perez-Folch Jr., Bill Austin and Beth Bulebosh stamp show attendees at his table

Felix at Charlotte 2021 2.jpg

Felix Luis Perez-Folch Jr. and Beth Bulebosh

Felix at Charlotte 2021.jpg

Felix Luis Perez-Folch Jr. 

Charlotte stamp show 2021 3.jpg

Vivian Roscoe, Wilhelmina Bell, Mary Love,

and Beatrice Cox

Photos by Beatrice Cox

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