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Celebrating Our 35th Anniversary 

35th anniv. logo.jpg

October 19-22, 2023

Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel

9801 Natural Bridge Road

St. Louis, MO 63134

Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel 2.webp
Hotel Reservation
Book your reservation under ESPER
Room rate:  $109 a night 
You can book from Wednesday, October 18 to Monday, October 23 at the same rate.

 Blue Carpet Event – Mini Museum on Friday

 Stroll in on Friday evening and display your favorite stamp! Is it your first? Your oldest? The one with the most cachets? Put as much supporting documentation as you want on a poster board and show it all off at this sparkling reception designed for members to show and tell.  Have your picture taken on the Blue Carpet,  relax, and just chill.  

Special Tours on Saturday

House of Miles 
National Blues Museum
Miles Davis stamp 2.jpg
M‎iles Davis home.jpg
National Blues Museum.jpg

National Blues Museum  and House of Miles Davis Tours

    10:00-4:00 pm (not included in registration fee)  

                                                                         You must register by using registration form   (click on form below)                                                                       

Workshops, Bourse, and Vendors!

                                                                 More than enough to keep you busy collecting philatelic information and memorabilia                                                                                          

The Blue Velvet Banquet

On Saturday evening, our very special guest and keynote speaker to be determined soon. Join us

 as we dine, fellowship and celebrate the many accomplishments of ESPER and her members.

35th Anniversary Forms

35th Anniversary Merchandise

Apparel can be pre-orderd using order form or through EPSER Store 

35th  Anniversary Decals
35th anniv. logo.jpg

                                                                                                                         Decal is 2 1/2 inches 

                                                                                                                            2 for $3.00

                                                                        (Can purchase through ESPER store)                                                                                      

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