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You cannot take stamps to a march - said no one ever!


Felix Luis Perez-Folch Jr.

"The Stamp Professor"

Greetings from Mississippi,

On my Facebook feed I read a post from the League of Women Voters Pine Belt. They shared a post about an upcoming Black Lives Matter march against racial injustice that was going to take place in Hattiesburg, MS on the 13th of June. The march was organized by the Hattiesburg Community Action Coalition.

Since I live in Hattiesburg, it was an easy decision for me to get involved, participate and support the march. Although, I have only lived in Hattiesburg for four years, I have seen our community come together and do great things not only for our city but also for our country. This march was no exception.


As I thought about the history, current events and the purpose of the march. I decided to put together a stamp display related to the cause. This has been a way for me to learn, share, connect and create a dialogue with others.


During the march, I had the opportunity to meet many people and have honest conversations. At the end of the day, we did not just have over 1,000 marchers, what we really had was over 1,000 leaders from diverse backgrounds with one powerful voice – against racial injustice.

I want to thank all those that supported and participated in the march (organizers, volunteers, speakers, Hattiesburg Police Department, WDAM and all of the community leaders).

                                                                 You cannot bring stamps to a march - said no one ever!

I was able to participate in a march and bring a stamp display related to the cause. My intent was to use an A-Frame for the two- mile march. Unfortunately, I could not find two sets of wheels to attach to the frame (5 years ago, I would have been able to carry my ruck with 35lbs and the A-Frame by myself). 

Felix march 3.jpg

(Click to see video of march)

Felix march 6.jpg
Felix march.jpg
Felix march 4.jpg
Felix march 8.jpg
Felix march 1.jpg
Felix march 7.jpg
felix march 5.jpg
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