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                                     ESPER is introducing Stamp Activity Kits                                      

for Stamp Collecting by Children and Youth

"Stamp Activity Kit - $7"


We have looked at several children’s books and adapted them to stamp collecting.  All you need to do is borrow the book from a library or purchase  a copy from your local bookstore or online.


Each Activity Kit will contain:

  • The name and picture of the book.

  • The name of the author, illustrator, publisher, and copyright date.

  • A list of awards the book has received, if any.

  • A summary of the text and  from the book jacket.

  • Information on how to obtain stamps for the provided worksheet pages.

  • Packets of stamps to get you started on the worksheets.  (The stamps provided will be approximately one-third of the stamps needed to complete the activity.)

  • A page with a sample of a cover related to the text and space for you to add another cover.

  • A Word Search puzzle – just for fun!


For more information about the kits contact M. Rosina Major at or 917-952-2417.

The kits can be purchased through our ESPER Store.

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