Members' Exhibits and Presentations

Part of ESPER's mission is to promote and foster an interest in stamp collecting as a way to learn Black History and about the African Diaspora.  For over  30 years, exhibits, lectures, and presentations have been given in schools, libraries, museums and other venues across the U.S.  This special page will show some of our members in action.  Many members have received high awards at national stamp shows across the U.S for their exhibits.  This special page will highlight these members. 

Exhibits by Cassandra and Oneal Tyler - South Carolina

Cassandra and Oneal did exhibits for a Dr. King Celebration and for Kwanzaa at St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church.  They also had an exhibit at Spring Valley High School on January 19, 2019. 

Robert Gilmore exhibit.JPG
Robert Gilmore exhibit 1.JPG

Jean Lewis - Maryland


The Howard County Maryland School System has an annual "Unheard Prospectives" to celebrate Black History Month.  Students study and research, beginning in October, a contribution by a Black American that may not be well known and prepare to speak on their attributes and contributions.  Students are judged on their essay, presentation, and subject knowledge before a panel of judges from the school system and the community. Jean was one of the invited Black History exhibitors.  As always visitors were amazed. 

Robert Gilmore - Alabama

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Exhibit and presentation by Clarence McKnight - New Jersey

 "Black History Month at Montclair Public Library"

The Montclair Public Library had an excellent turnout on Sunday, February 17, for their Black History Month event.  The main event included me and Master Tap Dancer Maurice Chestnuts of Newark.  My lecture included a PowerPoint presentation about the Civil Rights Movement based on “To Form a More Perfect Union” Stamps. 

Stamp presentation for afterschool

program and church in Summit, NJ

Dr. Yvonne Singley's video, exhibit, and interview

Mary love.JPG

Dr. Mary Love 

Article from Black Histoy Month