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The CHI Health Center was the venue for the Omaha stamp show.

ESPER had a very warm reception at the APS/ATA stamp show in Omaha.  We were part of a forum on Saturday with the Liberian Philatelic Society, the Ethiopian Philtelic Society, and the Haiti Philatelic Society.


Speakers from each society spoke about the philatelic history of each country.  ESPER's Vice President Howard Ingram did a nice job sharing information about the history of ESPER.


Members attending this event came from California, Colorado, Florida, Hawai'i, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.  Apologies if we missed your state, but you didn't sign in at the ESPER booth or were not recognized at the show.

Quite a few attendees stopped by our booth for information on collecting African Americans on stamps.  Many of them were educators for the Omaha school system.  We encouraged them to join and visit our website.  I think four attendees joined at our booth.  We sold ESPER covers by Don Neal, and a few other ESPER stamp-related items at our booth.  

Visitors from all over the country were present at the event in Omaha.  Vendors sold stamps from all over the world.  Guests were able to participate in an auction on Saturday.  A first day ceremony for Military Working Dogs stamps included real canines.  ESPER members Don Neal and Lloyd de Vries participated in the cachet makers' bourse.  ESPER member Mark Thompson won a Gold for his exhibit on Women of the Black Heritage Series again.  Congrats!

Photo Highlights from Omaha Show

Photos courtesy of Charlene Blair, Warachal Faison, Don Neal, Edgar Hicks, and Clarence McKnight

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