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Highlighting USPS Stamps Honoring People of Color
Booker T. Washington

The Ebony Society of Philatelic Events and Reflections (ESPER) is sponsoring two contests.  The two contests are : Eugene Robinson Cachet Contest and Essay Contest - "Stamped in My Memory. Our contests are designed to foster in youth the awareness of U.S. stamps that have been issued in honor of People of Color and events related to the African Diaspora.

Eugene Robinson Cachet Contest
Eugene pic 2.jpg

 Annual Cachet Contest in memory of Eugene Robinson, a pioneering member of ESPER, who was known in the philatelic community for his cachets. A cachet is an artistic presentation on a cover (envelope).  The cachet depicts an event in history honored on a stamp or it relates to the person honored on the stamp.  

Eugene Robinson

Short Bio

Eugene pic 3.jpg

Eugene Robinson at ESPER's 20th Anniversary 

Using a stamp issued by the USPS, create an image on an envelope that honors a Person of Color, or an event related to the African Diaspora. The envelope must have the stamp and cancellation date on it. Your picture can cover a part of the envelope or all of it. You can include a text or just the name of the subject. The design is up to you. 

First Day Cover simple.jpg
Toni ESPER cover.jfif
Cachet Contest past winners 2.jpg
Cachet Contest past winners.jpg
Cachet Contest past winners 5.jpg
Cachet Contest past winners 3.jpg
Cachets 11x17 8.jpg
2014-05-19 05.24.30.jpg
"Stamped in My Memory"
kid writing.jpg

Write an essay about any African-American person or event and connect your subject to a stamp issued by the United States. Name the stamp and the year it was issued. Limit ~ 250 words. Can be submitted by email.

 Blank envelopes with a current stamp and cancellation can be obtained from the U.S. Postal Service. Older issues can be obtained from an online company such as Mystic Stamps. Information about people and events honored on U.S. stamps can be obtained from our website. Go on our home page and click the topics on the menu. 


 Need more information about these contests, contact by email:



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