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ESPER at SESE  2024


Group of ESPER members attending SESE 2024

    This past January The Southeast Federation of Stamp Clubs held their Annual World of Philately Show the Southeastern Stamp Expo at the Hilton Atlanta Northeast. ESPER was well represented at the meeting from day one of the three day event.

The theme of the show was the ‘Commemorating the Centenary of the Birth of Former US President and Nobel Peace Prize Recipient Jimmy Carter.’ Long time ESPER Member Mark Thompson had a non-competitive exhibit that featured ‘The Inauguration Covers of President James Carter.’ Mark also entered the competitive exhibit ‘Women of the Black Heritage Series.’

          ESPER member and Treasurer Rosina Major exhibit at the SESE for the first time.  Her non-competitive exhibit ‘Stamps and Children’s Books – A Learning Combination’ was well received and received many positive comments.  Rosina also worked ESPER’s soci  ety table.

ESPER member and Reflections Editor Don Neal was present and worked ESPER’s society table. Don also participated in the Cachetmakers’ Bourse on Saturday. His business is known as 6° Cachets.

           ESPER member Barbara Asher (Stamp Explorers) provided dozens of stamp starter packages for ESPER members to share with children and new collectors. Each member attending ESPER’s  Saturday General meeting received two starter packages.

             Saturday the 27th January ESPER held a General Meeting. Georgia Chapter Director Tony Thaxton Jr. gave an over view of the successful 35th Anniversary Program.  Special guest Verel Thaxton talked about Constance Barker Motley, the subject of the 2024 Black Heritage Stamp. Vivian Roscoe presented her favorite stamp Dorothy Height, the subject of the 2017 Black Heritage Stamp. Walter Faison presented his favorite stamp on a Carol Gordon cover ‘Strange Fruit’ featuring a 29cent Billy Holiday Stamp from the 1994 Blues and Jazz Singers Series. The meeting ended with a group picture: Tony Thaxton Jr., Verel Thaxton, Jan Kennedy, Vivian Roscoe, Walter Faison, Mark Thompson, and Ricky Johnson. Many other ESPER members attended the SESE but were not available for the group picture.

                     The SESE ended Sunday with many ESPER members happy with their purchases, pleased with their fellowship with old friends and new acquaints, and looking forward to the 2025 SESE. By Tony Thaxton


Rosina Major at ESPER table. 


Don Neal at vendor cover table


Walter Faison, Ricky Johnson and Don Neal


Don Neal by his 6 Degree covers display


Rosina Major and Don Neal at award dinner


ESPER member Vivian Roscoe at SESE youth table.


Mark Thompson from Tenn.


From left  to right Rosina Major, Don Neal and Linda Thompson

Anthony F. Dewey (left) receives Edwin Jackson Award from Don Neal

SESE2024_IMG_1846_edited-1 (1).jpg

Mark Thompson from Tenn receiving Large Vermeil award for his, Women of the Black Heritage Series -

From the Halls of Congress

Vivian Roscoe from N. C.

SESE2024_IMG_1774_edited-1 (1).jpg

Doug, ESPER member and vendor with wife


Rosina Major from NY and Rickey Johnson from NC


Rosina Major - Stamps and Children's Books- A -ComLearning Combination. (Non -Competitive Exhibit


Close up of Walter Faison "Strange Fruit" Cover


First cover artist Chris Calle


Closeup  of Rosina exhibit


Walter Faison, with his Billie Holiday "Strange Fruit" stamp cover for Show and Tell.  


Lloyd A de Vries and Foster Miller in the back


APS Ken Martin on left and unknown attendee 


Mark Thompson, Chris Calle and Foster Miller

SESE2024_IMG_1885_edited-1 (1).jpg

Ricky Johnson on right with attendee at SESE


Ricky Johnson in red at vendor stamp table.


ESPER members with Don Neal on the right


American Topical Association booth


First cover artist Chris Calle with

his show covers


Child at vendor booth looking though stamps 


ESPER member Charlie Hamilton and wife Diana Hamilton from C&D Philatelics  in  Virgina


ESPER members LeAnna Coe (left) and Barbara Asher at the youth stamp station

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