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"Stampin' Around D.C."


We had a joyous day “Stampin’ Around DC,” November 2nd, 2018.  Welcoming us aboard was Dr.  Norrece T. Jones Jr, historian and retired Associate Professor of African-American Studies and History at Virginia Commonwealth University.  He shared with us his knowledge and insights.  After a tribute to Dr. Esper Hayes and her inspiring remarks, our team member, Ms. Karen Bertha called out from the back of the bus, “Let’s Roll!”  

With a special A. Philip Randolph cancelled-stamp boarding pass that B. D. Session created and provided each traveler as well as a 30th Anniversary ESPER passport souvenir book in hand, the “stampin’” began.  Passengers were able to view photo-framed articles and illustrations from Ebony magazine, the Washington Post, and Linn’s Stamp News in her collection throughout the tour.  First stop: the Capitol. 


With a quick view of the Supreme Court, the Lincoln Memorial, and a stop at the National Council of Negro Women’s House, giving a collective nod to Ms. Dorothy Height, we then rolled by the Navy Memorial and gave a salute to WWII hero, Doris Miller.  From there, we saw architect David Adjaye’s extraordinary National Museum of African American History and Culture.  Finally, we disembarked to give a “chin high” look up to Dr. Martin L. King Jr.


The highlight of the tour for most, however, was in the Capitol rotunda where we stood beside legends: Sojourner Truth, Rosa Parks, Frederick Douglass, and Dr. Martin L. King, Jr., all of whom played such pivotal roles in the struggles to obtain freedom and justice for all.  Who will never forget our founder sitting over-whelmed beside Rosa Parks’ statue reflecting on far more than the 30 years since founding the Ebony Society of Philatelic Events and Reflections.  Click, click ,click, click, click …..Oh Happy Day!

Photos from Capitol Rotunda

stampin hang tag.JPG

Each person on tour was given a "Stampin' Around DC lanyard.

Heading 6

Click on each photo to see enlargement 

Photo of Tour 

Special passport given to people on tour.

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