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40th STAMP


Singer Joe Coleman

On February 1, 2017, the Postal Service™ released its 40th stamp of the Black Heritage series featuring Dorothy Height. The stamp unveiling was held at Howard University in Washington D.C. celebrating African-American History Month. Although rarely gaining the recognition granted to her male contemporaries, she became one of the most influential civil rights leaders of the 20th century.   History of the Black Heritage Series           

From left are Constance Berry Newman, NCNW; Howard President , Wayne A. I. Frederick; Height’s grandniece Naima Randolph; USPS System Analyst Carter Anderson II.; Ingrid Saunders Jones, NCNW; John Lewis, U.S. Rep.;  Ronald A. Stroman, USPS; Alexis Herman; singer Joe Coleman; and Rev. Vashti McKenzie.

Alexis Herman, President. Dorothy I. Height Education Foundation

Ronald A. Stroman. Deputy Postmaster General

John R. Lewis. U.S. House of Representative 

Height's grandniece Naima Randolph

President of Howard Universality, Wayne A. I. Frederick

Constance Berry Newman, NCNW

Ingrid Saunders Jones, NCNW


Front row (l-r) Desdemona Faison, M. Rosina Major, Charlene Blair. Next row: (l-r) Warachal Faison, Don Neal. Last row (l-r) Ricky Johnson, William Jordon and Walter Faison (ESPER, President)

Don Neal, Editor Reflections, Ricky Johnson, Karen Bertha, Jean Lewis and her daughter. 

Warachal Faison, ESPER's Social Media Administrator 

Charlene Blair, Illinois State Director and Frances Flazer, USPS retired.

 Rosemary Lawrence, Vivian Roscoe  and Beatrice A. Cox , N.C. Chapter Director.

Front row (l-r) Howard Ingram, Karen Bertha, M. Rosina Major, Desdemona Faison, Foster Miller, Clarence McKnight. In the next row (I-r) are Jane Mays, Walter Faison, Charlene Blair, William Jordan, Lloyd de Vries, and Ricky Johnson.

Daughter of Jean Lewis, Rosemary Lawrence, Beatrice A. Cox , Jean Lewis and Betty Session.

Photos are from USPS, Don Neal, Walter Faison, and Clarence McKnight

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